Aaron Dignan: Brave New Work – WTC Turku Book Club

7.11.23 klo 15:00 – 16:30


WTC Turku Book Club


World Trade Center Turku Book Club kokoontuu ensimmäistä kertaa Akateemisen Turun myymälässä tiistaina 7.11. klo 15-16.30. Kirjapiirissä keskusteltava kirja on Aaron Dignan: Brave New Work. Tapahtuma on avoin kaikille kiinnostuneille.

On Tuesday, November 7th, we’ll meet at 15.00 to discuss Brave New Work by Aaron Dignan. If you pick up this month’s book at the Akateeminen store, you’ll get a 20% discount when mentioning WTC/World Trade Center Book Club (tai suomeksi WTC Kirjakerho).

During the book club meeting at the store, Akateeminen offers the participants a 20% discount on books, stationery and artists’ supplies.

The book club meetings will be in English and most books we’ll read will be mostly available only in English.

Akateeminen and WTC Turku bring you the book club where we read classic business books, new releases on economics and various publications on professional and personal development. We’ll meet live every few months at the Akateeminen store in Turku  to share our opinions and insights on the most recent book.