State-of-the-art online experience

December 9, 2021

Exciting news for fans of Tove Jansson! is a new online experience featuring a wide selection of her artwork never assembled online before, as well as poetic stories about her life. Head over to and have a look! Follow the Instagram account
@ToveJanssonOfficial for more Tove-related content.

Moomin Characters Ltd launched a brand-new website which celebrates the life and work of Moomin creator and multi-talented artist Tove Jansson. The site brings together pieces that cannot be viewed anywhere else with illuminating biographical detail in a rich multimedia experience.

Presented in the style of an immersive exhibition and ambitious in scope, the new website gives fans and newcomers to Jansson’s work the opportunity to understand how intricately her life and her creative output were intertwined by presenting them side-by-side. 

Visitors will be able to get new insights into Jansson’s creations by learning about what was happening in her life while she was working on the books, comics, paintings and illustrations she is so loved for. They will be able to explore her childhood home in a bohemian artist’s studio, dive into details of her rich oil paintings, and learn about the struggle of an artist with many talents trying to fulfil both her inner curiosity and the demands of an ever-growing global audience.