Jenni Haukio: Sinun tähtesi täällä

29.5.23 klo 17:00 – 18:00

Helsinki Bookhouse


Jenni Haukio has experienced serving Finland and her role as the spouse of the President of the Republic as a privilege and an honorable duty. Her candid memoir, “Sinun tähtesi täällä“, sheds light on the visible and invisible work that Haukio has been doing for her homeland for the past ten years. She openly shares her years in service to Finland, taking readers behind the scenes of situations that go beyond the previously seen public images. Haukio’s voice is honest, sensitive, and flows like poetry.

Jenni Haukio will be visiting Helsinki’s Academic Bookstore on Monday, May 29th at 5:00 PM on the release day of “Sinun tähtesi täällä.” Join us to get your own copy of the book and listen to Jenni Haukio’s interview! The interviewer for the event will be Anna-Riikka Carlson, publisher at WSOY. Following the interview (in finnish), Jenni Haukio will be signing copies of her book.

You can also find the event on Facebook (in finnish).