Top 10 Paperbacks

  1. How to Go to Work
    Clayton Lucy, Haines SteveNidottu 2020, englanti
    'How to Go to Work' is a practical guide to equip you with everything you need to know to choose and achieve the career you want. The world of work is changing faster than ever before and it can feel overwhelmingly competitive out there. That's why Lucy Clayton, a founding CEO, and Steve Haines, an education policy advisor, have compiled and distil...
  2. Girl, Woman, Other
    Evaristo BernardineNidottu 2020, englanti
     WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2019SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERThis is Britain as you've never read it. This is Britain as it has never been told. 
  3. Why We Sleep
    Walker MatthewNidottu 2018, englanti
    Sleep is one of the most important but least understood aspects of our life, health and longevity. Until very recently, science had no answer to the question of why we sleep, or what good it served, or why we suffer such devastating health consequences when it is absent. Compared to the other basic drives in life - eating, drinking and reproducing ...
  4. Machines Like Me
    McEwan IanNidottu 2020, englanti
    Britain has lost the Falklands war, Margaret Thatcher battles Tony Benn for power and Alan Turing achieves a breakthrough in artificial intelligence. In a world not quite like this one, two lovers will be tested beyond their understanding. 'Machines Like Me' occurs in an alternative 1980s London. Charlie, drifting through life and dodging full-time...
  5. Chinese Thought
    Sterckx RoelNidottu 2020, englanti
    We are often told that the 21st century is bound to become China's century. Never before has Chinese culture been so physically, digitally, economically or aesthetically present in everyday life in the Western world. But how much do we really know about its origins and key beliefs, especially compared to the many histories of Western philosophy? Ho...
  6. Happy Ever After
    Dolan PaulNidottu 2020, englanti
    There are countless stories about how we ought to live our lives. These narratives can make our lives easier, and they might sometimes make us happier too. But they can also trap us and those around us. Here, bestselling happiness expert Professor Paul Dolan draws on a wealth of evidence to bust the common myths about our sources of happiness and s...
  7. One Good Deed
    Baldacci DavidNidottu 2020, englanti
    A gripping historical crime novel from the internationally bestselling author, David Baldacci.
  8. Goliath
    McFate SeanNidottu 2020, englanti
      'The Freakonomics of modern warfare' CONN IGGULDEN.Everything you think you know about war is wrong.  
  9. Big Sky
    Atkinson KateNidottu 2020, englanti
    The return of Jackson Brodie, ex-military, ex-Cambridge Constabulary, now private investigator, 'a hero for men and women alike'. Jackson Brodie has relocated to a quiet seaside village in North Yorkshire, in the occasional company of his recalcitrant teenage son Nathan and ageing Labrador Dido, both at the discretion of his former partner Julia. I...
  10. 12 Rules for Life
    Peterson Jordan B.Nidottu 2019, englanti
    The #1 Sunday Times and International Bestseller from 'the most influential public intellectual in the Western world right now' (New York Times).What are the most valuable things that everyone should know?