Top 5 Children's books

  1. Moominvalley For The Curious Explorer
    Jansson ToveSidottu 2014, englanti
    This is a 3-D guide to the extraordinary world of the Moomins. Pull out your guide and explore the wonderful scenery, from the towering Moominhouse, through the forest, over the bridge and down to the sea. Then turn the book over to meet the many extraordinary inhabitants of Moominvalley and say hello to Moomintroll, Snorkmaiden and Little My! This...
  2. Moomin and the Ice Festival
    UnknownSidottu 2018, englanti
    It's winter in Moominvalley and Moomintroll and his family are getting ready for the Long Winter Sleep. But as the first flakes of snow fall, they receive an exciting invitation to the Ice Festival. Will they be brave enough to venture out now winter is here?
  3. Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix
    Rowling J.K.Nidottu 2014, englanti
    This novel by J.K. Rowling continues the further adventures of boy wizard Harry and his friends. Harry is due to start his fifth year at Hogwarts School, and what he is about to discover will turn his world upside down.
  4. Winnie-the-Pooh Pocket Library
    Sidottu 2018, englanti
    Each mini 'Pocket Library' contains six great stories for children to enjoy. The board books are durable and small enough for small children to carry around.
  5. Goodnight, Mr. Clutterbuck
    Kunnas MauriSidottu 2017, englanti
    From the award-winning Mauri Kunnas, Finland's most celebrated children's author, a hilarious picture book which follows the adventures of a sleepwalking goat. Mr. Clutterbuck, a mild-mannered goat, sleepwalks his way into unimaginable adventures: one night the lead singer of a rock band, the next an entrepreneur, Mr. Clutterbuck soon finds himself...