Top 5 Children's books

  1. Comet In Moominland
    Jansson ToveSidottu 2017, englanti
    When signs appear that a comet is heading towards their beloved Moominvalley, Moomin and his friend Sniff set sail to consult with the professors in the distant Lonely Mountains. Their journey is full of adventures and narrow escapes; from crocodiles, giant lizards, eagles and the like, but new friends - soon to become firm friends - help lighten t...
  2. Finn Family Moomintroll
    Jansson ToveSidottu 2017, englanti
    In case you didn't know, the Moomins are kind, loyal and welcoming creatures with smooth round snouts, who live in a tall blue house shaped like an old stove in a valley in the forests of Finland. They love sunshine and sleep right through the winter, when the snow turns their house into a great snowball. In spring they wake up, clamber down the ro...
  3. Queen of Air and Darkness
    Clare CassandraNidottu 2018, englanti
    All first editions of Queen of Air and Darkness will include ten black and white interior illustrations, and a new short story! 
  4. Who Will Comfort Toffle?
    Jansson ToveSidottu 2003, englanti
    Toffle is driven from his home by frightening noises of the forest. Too shy, at first, to approach the many colourful Moomin characters he passes along the way, he gains confidence by discovering a scared and lonely Miffle who needs his help.
  5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 13: The Meltdown
    Kinney JeffSidottu 2018, englanti
    The 13th hilarious book in Jeff Kinney's bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.