1. Havenfall
    Holland SaraNidottu 2020, englanti
    From the New York Times bestselling author of Everless comes a thrilling contemporary fantasy series about the safe haven between worlds - and the girl sworn to protect it.
  2. Capital and Ideology
    Piketty ThomasSidottu 2020, englanti
    Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century showed that capitalism, left to itself, generates deepening inequality. In this audacious follow-up, he challenges us to revolutionize how we think about ideology and history, exposing the ideas that have sustained inequality since premodern times and outlining a fairer economic system.
  3. One Good Deed
    Baldacci DavidNidottu 2020, englanti
    A gripping historical crime novel from the internationally bestselling author, David Baldacci.
  4. Trace Elements
    Leon DonnaNidottu 2020, englanti
    When Dottoressa Donato calls the Venetian Questura, reporting that a dying patient at the hospice Fatebenefratelli wants to speak to the police, Commissario Guido Brunetti and his colleague Commissario Claudia Griffoni know there is no time to waste. 'They killed him ... Bad money', are some of the sibylline words the patient Benedetta Tosi still m...
  5. The System
    Reich Robert BSidottu 2020, englanti
    A powerful and grippingly readable intervention into the 2020 US presidential election campaign, by the Newsweek and Guardian columnist, The System argues that the USA has become an oligarchy, run by and for the benefit of a tiny minority of the super-rich, with consequences that impact on the entire world.
  6. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Slytherin Ed
    Rowling J.K.Nidottu 2020, englanti
    Let the magic of J.K. Rowling's classic Harry Potter series take you back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This Slytherin House Edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire celebrates the noble character of the Hogwarts house famed for its pride, ambition and cunning.
  7. Grown Ups
    Keyes MarianNidottu 2020, englanti
    They're a glamorous family, the Caseys. Johnny Casey, his two brothers Ed and Liam, their beautiful, talented wives and all their kids spend a lot of time together - birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, weekends away. And they're a happy family. Johnny's wife, Jessie - who has the most money - insists on it. Under the surface, though, cond...
  8. Spring
    Smith AliNidottu 2020, englanti
    From the bestselling author of Autumn and Winter, as well as the Baileys Prize-winning How to be both, comes the next installment in the remarkable, once-in-a-generation masterpiece, the Seasonal Quartet What unites Katherine Mansfield, Charlie Chaplin, Shakespeare, Rilke, Beethoven, Brexit, the present, the past, the north, the south, the east, th...
  9. Peppa the Easter Bunny
    Holowaty Lauren, Astley Neville, Baker MPahvisivuinen kirja 2020, englanti
    It's Easter and Peppa and George are having an Easter egg hunt for their friends! Mummy and Daddy Pig help them paint all the colourful eggs and together they hide them all round the garden. Their friends arrive and are soon busy hunting for eggs but Peppa and George have disappeared - where could they have gone? Aha! There's Peppa the Easter Bunny...
  10. The Mirror and the Light
    Mantel HilaryNidottu 2020, englanti
    Preorder the long-awaited sequel to Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies, the stunning conclusion to Hilary Mantel's Man Booker Prize-winning Wolf Hall trilogy. 'If you cannot speak truth at a beheading, when can you speak it?'