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The world is full of great stories. Here are some recommendations from our staff.

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  1. Bregman RutgerNidottu englanti
    For the larger part of history, things were better than you thought. Cynicism doesn't pay!
  2. Lucie-Smith EdwardNidottu englanti
    Thames&Hudson -kustantamon laadukkaat perusteokset sisältävät esittelyt sekä teemoista että taiteilijoista.
  3. Piketty ThomasSidottu englanti
    The successor to one of the most important books of the century, a challenge to old ideas that have sustained inequality for centuries.
  4. WeegeeSidottu englanti
    New York, New York, what a wonderful town! -Ismo, Hki
  5. Evaristo BernardineNidottu englanti
    A polyphonic novel about 12 girls, women or other whose lives more or less intertwine with each other. Full of empathy, understanding, friendship and grace. If you're interested in race, feminism, intersectionality and or women in Britain, it's a must read. If you enjoy books about friendships between women, you won't be disappointed either. - Outi, Hki
  6. Clark MaxineSidottu englanti
    Nyt kun pizzeriat on kiinni ja kotoa ei saa poistua, syö edes hyvää pizzaa.
  7. Rutherford AdamSidottu englanti
    We have noticed that mainly young women buy this book? Maybe someone else outside this group could try it too? - Helsinki store
  8. Stiglitz Joseph E, Dougherty CarterSidottu englanti
    Stiglitz rewrites the rules of European economy for a time they need rewriting.
  9. Wiener AnnaNidottu englanti
    "Thought-provoking memoir of a young female, who opts from the publishing world to the hubbub of startups. Unfortunately, finding one's unicorn isn't quite as simple, especially if you're a female." -Laura, Hki
  10. Koetzle ChristianSidottu englanti
    Oida! -Ismo, Hki
  11. Mackesy CharlieSidottu englanti
    Trumps Little Prince! -Outi, Hki
  12. Furtado PeterSidottu englanti
    Entertaining anthology of travel writings from 38 cities, from Berlin to Vienna, written by famous travellers, from Marco Polo to Mark Twain.
  13. Tooze AdamNidottu englanti
    Brittiläisen taloushistorioitsijan kuvaus vuoden 2008 talouskriisin syistä ja seurauksista. 5/5! -Ismo, Hki
  14. Heti SheilaNidottu englanti
    This novel (Heti is really stretching the concept though) is 300 pages of going back and forth: do I want a baby or not? It's a fresh take on a subject almost every woman has to think about and it feels important. -Outi, Hki
  15. Rooney SallyNidottu englanti
    Rooney writes in a way that is so effortless and yet punctual. Her characters can be frustrating and annoying but they feel like flesh and blood. They almost feel like your real life friends. Such a pleasure to read. -Outi, Hki
  16. Snyder TimothyNidottu englanti
    The rise of fake news and far right politics should be examined as well as the decline of democracies. Interesting, important and scary... it seems almost too easy to take a turn to unfreedom. - Outi, Hki
  17. Slimani LeïlaNidottu englanti
    After reading ”Vaggvisan” by Slimani, Adele was an “eyes open!” WAU - reading. It is not easy to live a perfect family life when your mind is somewhere else. -Christel, Hki
  18. 4790
    The best and the only guide to the complete architectural history of Helsinki. Also available in German but not in Finnish. -Ismo, Hki
  19. Chabon MichaelNidottu englanti
    Chabon returns to form with an epic story of his "grandfather". Funny, tragic, touching- often all three at once. Book of the year!

    - Ismo, Helsinki
  20. Figes OrlandoNidottu englanti
    Jos luet eläissäsi vain yhden kirjan Venäjän vallankumouksista, Venäjästä tai historiasta ylipäätään, on tässä vahva kandidaatti. Valtava skaalassaan, tarkka analyysissään, humaani perspektiivissään. -Leo, Hki
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