Give a new life to books! Akateeminen x Kierrätyskeskus

February 15, 2024

Make a responsible everyday action and give a good book a new life.

Bring your old, well-maintained books to Akateeminen Bookstore for recycling. The recycling box can be found in all of our stores.

Fantasy books and detective novels in particular are always going to find a new owner. Art books, history books related to war, newer cookbooks, and well-preserved children’s books are also in demand.

Here are four tips for book recycling:

  1. Only pack intact and clean books for recycling. Torn, warped, water-damaged, or otherwise damaged books are not suitable for reuse.
  2. Please do not bring encyclopedias, old textbooks, or discarded library books.
  3. Make sure the books don’t have extra stickers, price tags, or similar items. Remove them neatly if you can. It’s especially important to remove large price tags from self-service flea markets.
  4. Bring the books for recycling packed in a plastic bag to ensure they stay in the best possible condition during transportation.

Read more about Kierrätyskeskus (Recycling Center). Through the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, over a million books find new owners every year with Kierrätyskeskus.