The Academic Bookstore’s History in Short

The Academic Bookstore is part of the Bonnier Books Group since October 2015. Bonnier Books acquired the Academic Bookstore chain from Stockmann, which has been owning the bookstore since 1930. The Academic Bookstore was founded in 1893 and is well-known for being an active participant in the Finnish cultural scene and its good customer service. All of the bookstores are still today located either in connection to Stockmann’s department stores (Helsinki city center, Tapiola in Espoo, and Turku) or in the Stockmann department stores (Itäkeskus, Jumbo in Vantaa as well as Tampere).

The Academic Bookstore was founded by Alvar Renqvist and Gösta Branders in 1893. Their ambition was to create a commercially viable business as well as a place for general education and where book enthusiasts could meet. Focus was on having the best customer service and the best assortment of book titles, including the latest titles in Finnish fiction and non-fiction as well as international literature in its original language. Especially when it comes to international and Swedish literature in its original language, the Academic Bookstore has throughout its history undoubtedly had the best selection.

The Academic Bookstore is still a meeting point for people and thoughts and has been for more than 120 years.


Stockmann museum

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